Love what you do, inspire others to do the same!

With so much noise and media hype, our message is one of transparency and authenticity.

Doart Design Studio was launched in 2004 , with the vision to bring affordable design and print solutions to the table. 

Our mission for 2018 is to work with clients that are serving their community and the environment at large.

Design & Marketing 

Honesty, Quality and Vision are important values that I stand by in this ever evolving environment of technology and design. I am a problem solver, therefore each new brief represents a fresh challenge to communicate & conceptualize.  It is imperative that your Visual communications clearly articulate your brand messaging.

Now working with suppliers to lesson environmental impact,  together we aim to make conscious decisions and choices on materials used that effect our community at large. 

“I am extremely grateful to work with so many amazing clients & creatives. It is team effort and collaborations that make challenges exciting and fruitful.”

Petrina Fuda ~ Designer | Managing Director 


Luke Fuda has partnered with us so we can offer you additional photography services, in the areas of Commercial Advertising & Onsite Product Photography.

Luke began his photography career in 1999 after completing relevant educational accreditation in the field. Since then, his work has become nationally recognised after winning Best Photograph in the CNA Awards in 2009. As a multi-award winning photographer he has worked across some of Sydney’s major sporting events, Media newspapers & Magazines;  specialising in portraiture, landscape, commercial and hard-news photo journalism and now also works with video.

Luke Fuda ~ Photography

Web Design & Development

Mayur Unagar Manages a dedicated team of web designers, software development engineers, ecommerce professionals, and search engine optimization leaders.

“Our goal is to consistently create quality solutions to grow businesses to the next level using the power of the web.

We are equipped with a team of highly skilled, talented and experienced professionals.”

Mayur Unagar ~ Technologist

Partner | Web Design and Web Development



Signage & WFP 

Mathew provides only quality services and products that suits everyone’s budget. Partner since birth, Mathew takes care of all our Signage and Wide Format Printing solutions direct from our Minto factory – Family owned and operated.

Mathew Fuda ~ Signage, Print and Install Specialist 

Partner | Wide Format Printing

Digital and Offset Printing

Felix heads our print team for all your digital and offset printing solutions. A complete range of discount printing services for affordable quality and personalised printing solutions. We can cater for a wide selection of products and applications. 

Our product range is growing to encompass eco friendly stock and inks.

“We have been in partnership with DoArt Design Studio for over 10 years- together bringing you quality print and design services at its best.” 

Felix ~ Print Specialist 

Partner | Offset and Digital Printing